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CM Truck Beds PL Truck Bed

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CM Truck Beds PL Truck Bed

  • 2018
  • CM Truck Beds
  • PL Truck Bed
  • Bed / Equipment
  • LED Recessed rubber mounted clearance lights; Modular sealed wiring harness; LED DOT required lighting (clearance and marker lights)

CM Truck Beds PL Truck Bed model is our version of a platform body, equipped with the strongest and most durable materials to haul the heavy loads. With best in class features like: heavy duty welded bulkhead, inventive LED lighting, and modular sealed wiring harness.


Welded bulkhead (41” off deck) with plasma cut easy view window grill
Stronger, more durable and integrated into the bed.
Heavy duty welded bulkhead
Provides extra strength and security. It has less flexibility in the deck, so your hauls can become more secure.
4” structural steel channel frame rails
Our structural 4" channel frame rails are stronger, more durable, and prevent any rusting from the interior of the tube. Furthermore, we don’t use roll formed runners, making our structure stronger than any on the market.
Rub rail with stake pockets
Provides your straps and gives you multiple tie down points throughout your hauling jobs.
Stake pockets with 3” x 3/8” rub rail
Provides your straps and gives you multiple tie down points throughout your hauling jobs.
1/8” steel tread plate deck
This strong and long-lasting deck is designed for heavy duty work, withstanding the rigorous work conditions that our bodies are placed under. Compare to other bodies on the market which use 11 gauge and 13 gauge floors.
1/8” steel formed sides and rear
CM provides you with a stronger, more durable, and thicker formed sides and rear that are better than the rest.
3” steel roll-formed 3/16” channel cross members on 12” centers
These are the toughest most durable subframe on work trucks.
Modular sealed wiring harness
Our wiring harness are designed to withstand the light or harsh conditions they are placed under. Our Modular Sealed Wiring Harness is designed to reduce corrosion, pulling apart, or deterioration
LED Recessed rubber mounted clearance lights
Meaning CM’s lights are brighter, and use less power than conventional incandescent lights, that way your rubber mounted clearance lights will be easily seen and recognized.
LED DOT required lighting (clearance and marker lights)
When you are backing up, turning, or hitting those brakes along the road, our LED lights will make your truck bed stand out more and brighter! Our LED lights also use less power than conventional incandescent lights.


Gatorhyde on Deck

This CM available option provides maximum protection for your deck on your truck bed model. Our gator hyde on deck also protects against spills from chemicals or damage from equipment.

3/16" Deck

CM’s best in class 3/16” deck is a heavier duty deck that allows users to haul more weight. Providing better weight capacity, this available option has the best quality results for your heavy-duty hauls.

Cargo Light

This option provides lighting the truck bed, so users can see their tools and equipment on the deck. When your oilfield or construction job runs long into the night, trust in CM Truck Beds.

Stake Sides

Our stake side option give users the security, for their cargo and equipment that they need. CM’s stake sides keeps cargo and equipment from sliding off the deck.

Front Underbody Toolbox

CM offers a durable and quality made front underbody toolbox to help along with all your hauling needs. This option offers a sense of storage and security when you're on the road with your CM Truck Bed.

Color Primer Only

CM’s color primer option is a great way to keep your hauler body in good shape, as well as style. Our primer will prevent rust and corrosion developing on your truck body and give customers a peace of mind to travel off road or on untreated roads