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Cross Trailers

Cross Trailers - Built The Way They Should Be !

   When we at Cargo Trailer Sales first started selling utility trailers, we only carried one brand. Cargo Express.  These trailers were built like a Brick **** House, all tube steel side posts, tube steel roof bows,  3/4" Advantech water proof floors, one piece aluminum roof,  heavy duty crossmembers, Dexter Axles with easy-lube hubs.  The trailers were built correctly, priced right and delivered on time.  It was a family owned company and we could deal directly with the boss. If and when there might have been any warranty problems, it was handled quickly and completely regardless of where the trailer was without any inconvenience to our customers.
   Unfortunately the economic downturn of 2007 & 2008 was to much for Cargo Express to withstand. They were bought out by Pace American, which at the time was owned by a large holding company who dissolved the companies, sold the assets and closed it down. The names Cargo Express and Pace were purchased by a large low-end trailer manufacturer that is producing trailers that are totally inferior to the original ideas of the owners of  Cargo Express.  The only thing that existes is the name.

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