Battery Discharge

Battery Discharge

Does depth of discharge affect cycle life in your battery?

Yes! The harder any battery has to work, the sooner it will fail. The shallower the average discharge, the longer the life.

It’s important to size a battery system to deliver at least twice the energy required, to assure shallow discharges.

Follow these tips for the longest life:

  • 1. Avoid ultra-deep discharges. The definition of ultra-deep discharge may vary with application and battery type.
  • 2. Don’t leave a battery at a low stage of charge for an extended length of time. Charge a discharged battery as soon as possible.
  • 3. Don’t cycle a battery at a low state of charge without regularly recharging fully. Use the highest initial charging current available (up to 30% of the 20-hour capacity per hour) while staying within the proper temperature-compensated voltage range.