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There are a number of key operations within ATC's production of trailers that set them 
apart. These operations provide true and transparent value to you and enable 
them to provide industry-leading quality while at the same time delivering 
trailers on a schedule that there competitors cannot match. 
ATC or Aluminum Trailer Company has been in continuous business for 13+ years and have become dynamic innovators 
in the trailer industry. Based on their design and production system, ATC is 
capable of building custom trailers with relative ease. When you order a custom 
trailer, ATC will not require a shutdown or reallocation of their resources to 
meet their requirements in quality, price or schedule. As a result of ATC’s 
fluid production system, which is based on customer need, ATC can forecast with 
incredible accuracy, a completion date for their trailer, thus delivering 
dependable lead times that you can rely on. At ATC we deliver there trailers 
when we say we will!
 There are a number of key operations within their production of trailers that set them 
apart. These operations provide true and transparent value to you and enable 
them to provide industry-leading quality; at the same time delivering trailers 
on a schedule that there competitors cannot match. 
At ATC they believe that one, sole company should be responsible for the product they 
produce. In today’s world of outsourcing everything from material production, to 
assembly and installation and even customer service, ATC builds virtually every 
aspect of the trailer in house. From selection and procurement of raw materials, 
to frame assembly; from interior and exterior cladding to plumbing and 
electrical system installation; from door fabrication and installation to custom 
cabinetry and millwork; every component is produced and assembled under one roof 
in there Indiana facility, made by hand in the USA.

 ATC In-House Wood Cabinet and millwork shop – 
ATC does not outsource fine custom cabinetry and millwork for their trailer. Each cabinet, shelf, solid surface or laminate  counter top and seat is handmade in there shop using any variety of wood that  you select. This includes all varieties of hardwoods and even sustainable, green  products like bamboo. The furnishings are built by craftsmen using solid 
construction techniques like dovetail joinery. They pride themselves on the 
quality of their woodworking by using some of the most expensive tools in the 
business to produce there cabinets… their hands! This artisanal craftsmanship 
sets them apart from other companies that rely on outsourced veneered pressboard 
panels which are less durable and aesthetically inferior. You’ll notice the  difference immediately.

 ATC On-Site  Aluminum Cabinet shop – 
Like the in-house woodworking shop, ATC also employs an on-site aluminum cabinet shop which assembles and builds there custom cabinetry on aluminum framing with aluminum assemblies. There counter tops and face material can be created using a variety of metal from aluminum to stainless steel. The aluminum cabinetry is perfect for utilitarian purposes where function trumps form, even though the aluminum cabinetry is just as appealing to the eye 
as the woodwork. You’ll enjoy the flexibility that is provided by these custom 
in-house shops, keeping their promise to you that we are solely responsible for 
the build and quality of their trailer.

 ATC Door  Fabrication – 
The doors for their trailer are also produced in the same factory. You’ll see how building their own doors can save you on the lead time for customization and provide you with full quality control on design, assembly and sizing so that everything is just right before it’s installed.

 ATC Design and Engineering – 
ATC maintains a dedicated design and engineering staff. They utilize the latest in 3D CAD Software which analyzes the finite elements of each trailer; building and testing there trailer for every foreseeable structural impact before it ever hits the production floor. Not only does the design team put there trailer through its structural paces before building, they are also 
dedicated to creating solutions to even the most challenging design requirements. At ATC they strive to involve you through every stage of the design and build process. You are not just a customer but an integral team member in  their projects. 
 ATC  is one of the only manufacturers who can build all models and custom trailers 
in, both, steel and aluminum. ATC does not prefer one material to the other and 
will work with you to identify which construction method and materials are best 
suited for their intended use and needs. This can range from a barebones 5’ x 8’ 
trailer up to a mobile command center fully fit up with dual slide outs, custom 
finishes and 60 KW power generation. ATC produces a wide array of trailers to 
meet every customer request.

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Aluminum Car Trailer Slide Out Step
ATC Triple Axle Trailer
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Showing1-30 of 96 items

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