Factory Warranties

Factory Warranties

Factory Warranty – What does it really mean? A HISTORICAL FICTION.

Does it mean that the trailer dealer where you purchased and picked up your trailer will stand behind it and repair any warranty issues. You would hope so, right? But unfortunately this is not always the case…

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Often times in this world of internet sales, the “Dealer” selling you a trailer is no more than a website. No shop, no parts, no service. They often state that their trailers have “Factory Warranty”. What this can really mean is that the trailer will need to be returned to the manufacturer’s factory. Most manufacturers are set up for production and not for non-assembly line repairs. More often than not warranty repairs can be delayed for weeks as they try to fit the work into their production schedule. Workers may not be trained in repair work as much as they are in production work.

Okay, but let’s say you saw a trailer for sale from a dealer in Florida, you live in New Jersey, and you only need to go to Georgia to pick it up. No big deal, a few hundred dollars in fuel, hotel, food, tolls, etc. And only about 14 hours’ drive time each way.

Not TOO big a deal. Now what happens if you get there, and it seems that there may have been a communication problem between you and the Fla. dealer. Let’s say you thought 24′ was the interior length and the dealer meant that 24′ included the tongue. Oh boy, this MIGHT BE A BIG DEAL. But low and behold the factory has a trailer with 24′ inside length. (28′ to the dealer) in stock. Granted it is not the same color you ordered and does not have the options you wanted, but you know, stuff happens.

Not quite as merrily as your trip down, but still, you head home with your new trailer remembering how you saved a few hundred dollars buying online from an internet dealer and being your own trucking company. All is sorta-good.

Now your 14-hour trip is eventless and over, you made it home, despite the 6 hours of rain, the traffic tied up around DC and the nonstop swaying of the trailer because you forgot to bring your sway control. All is – well, it is what it is.

Up bright and early the next day, revved to put your 1968 Camaro in your new trailer and when you open it up – the floor is soaking wet, or the rear door won’t open, or a screwless side sheet is flapping in the breeze. NOW THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

A call to the dealer is met with a voice mail message. A call to the manufacturer reveals the true facts of their “Factory Warranty”.


The moral of the story? Do I have to tell you? I thought not.