Payload vs. Intended Use

What kind of trailer do I need to haul my heavy equipment (bobcat, skid steer, forklift, tractor, stump grinder, excavator)?

    We’ve seen it happen all too often; a customer is shopping for a trailer to haul their compact tractor, mini-excavator, seal-coat tank, or other heavy compact equipment. They start by calculating the trailer’s payload, which is correctly determined by taking the GVWR and subtracting the empty weight of the trailer. The remaining total is the amount of cargo they can legally carry on the trailer. One key ingredient that is missing from this concoction often costs people a lot of money and headache; intended use. Just because the trailer is rated to haul 5000 lbs, doesn’t necessarily mean that the ramps or decking are designed to take all of that weight in a concentrated area. As an experienced and established trailer dealership, we consider it our responsibility to find out what our client plans to do with their trailer, and use our industry knowledge and understanding to recommend the best product to fit the client’s use.

Unfortunately for consumers; trailer dealerships often refer to the manufacturer’s posted payloads and don’t consider the intended usage of the trailer before making product recommendations. In this case, the consumer draws the short-straw. The results often end with bent ramps/gates, bent floor supports, failing hinges, or cracked structural welds.

Capturing customer intent is a key ingredient to Cargo Trailer Sales’ success. Our clients appreciate our honest approach to selecting the right trailer for their needs. We truly believe that by recommending the ideal product to our clients, we are creating a win-win situation. Our clients receive a trouble-free and cost effective solution to their transportation needs, which add up to measurable savings in the long-run.